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Grey stepped gravestone in a forest, each step containing a letter that form the word DEAD. At the bottom of the grave there are flowers.

What is Dying to Talk?

Death, dying and bereavement affect us all; it is a fact of life, but young people often lack the language and confidence to talk about it. This is partly because adults are generally not very good at talking to young people about death. Not being able to talk about death, dying and bereavement can create mental health problems – and other issues – in the future.

Dying to Talk was set up to help you feel more comfortable around the subject of death and dying. So, these resources and activities were designed by 20+ young people 14-19 years - recruited to be Ambassadors for the project - to help you start those conversations with your classmates, family and friends.

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White iced cookie in the shape of a skull. It is decorated with a black mouth, blue nostrils, purple eyes, a red and green flower on it's forehead and blue flowers around it's eyes.

How do I get started?

These resources and activities have been designed by young people to help you express their grief, talk about death and dying, or to learn how to show compassion to others. If you can write, colour, take a photograph, listen to music – then you can use them. It depends on how you want to express yourself!

There are different activities to help you express yourself in the way that feels comfortable to you. That might be through art, music, dance, writing, preparing Food, taking or looking at photographs, colouring or what to think about when wandering through a graveyard!

There is also a book, “Ellis the Elephant”, that you or your parents or carers might like to share with younger siblings!

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