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Death can be a difficult subject to talk about. Often adult will avoid conversations with young people for fear of upsetting them. However death is a normal part of life, and something we will all encounter. We hope these resources will help you start those conversations with your family and your friends. By doing this you can share your wishes about your own – and your family members’ – wishes about how you would like to be treated after death….and then you can get on with living!


Cremation Tattoos


Use paints to emulate cremation tattoos (that contain the cremation ashes of loved ones)

Death Café


Facilitate calm discussion in the group of people’s experiences of death, dying and bereavement

Death Jenga


Write death related questions directly onto the wooden blocks, or write questions on strips of paper and use sticky tape to attach them to the blocks

Death Masks


Discuss people’s designs and how they reflect the ways in which they would like to be remembered

Design Your Own Coffin


Discuss people’s designs and how it reflects the ways in which they would like to be remembered

Funeral Playlist


Ask everyone what songs they would want at their funeral and why

Grave Goods


Give everyone a piece of clay to make objects that they might want to have with them when they die