Photography Group

Two skeletons lay on a sandstone ground. There is a wooden bench to the right of two skeletons, and a third skeleton after the bench. To the right of all three skeletons are big ceramic pots and a ceramic bowl. They are all kept behind a glass wall.

The photography group focused on opening conversation through the media of photographs. In this group, you’ll find our Cemetery Case Studies Booklet. This booklet takes one on a journey through gravestones and graveyards, showing different examples of graves that have depictions of animals, graves shaped as what the person did in their lifetime as a job such as an artist, and different symbols you might find in cemeteries.

You can go on your own graveyard discovery to tick off any symbols you might see on graves. In this folder too, you will find our interviews with some of the ambassadors describing the Dying to Talk project and their involvement. These interviews were filmed and edited by Asheem Yousuf and Phoebe Duffett.